No Nasties pledges to plant a tree for every garment sold online

The Mumbai based fair trade clothing label No Nasties announced on World Environment Day that it will now plant a tree for every product ordered online after reaching a total of 3,321 trees planted so far.

No Nasties has been planting trees in association with “Grow-Trees” for the Trees for Tribals project - No Nasties- Facebook

As India was the official host for World Environment Day on June 5, the Indian fashion industry was given a chance to examine at its environmental impact. The effects of garment pollution are especially pressing for India as it is home to many garment production factories yet fast fashion is booming in the country. In order to address this issue, No Nasties made a public pledge on its blog and newsletter to plant a tree for every garment purchased from its e-commerce store, every new email sign up, and for each day passed since the business launched in April 2011.

No Nasties has been planting trees in association with “Grow-Trees” for the Trees for Tribals project in Koraput, Odisha. The business started the project in April this year and aims to have planted 10,000 trees by April 15 2019. To date, a total of 3,321 trees have been planted by the company.

No Nasties has worked to create sustainable fashion since its start seven years ago. "Our farms are rain-fed and there are no toxic pesticides and fertilisers used; there are no heavy metals in our azo-free dyes and plastisol-free inks; we use organic cloth bags for packaging and our paper hang-tags are made of up-cycled organic cotton fabric waste; our shipping boxes are made of recycled cardboard," wrote the brand in a blog post.

No Nasties describes itself as “100 percent organic, fair trade, designer apparel for the Indian retail market.” The brand is working to improve the lives of Indian farmers as it states on its website that over 300,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide in the last 15 years which is the largest number of suicides of a group demographic in such a time frame in history.

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