Nitin Bal Chauhan promotes sustainable fashion with new line, NBC Sustain

The fashion designer Nitin Bal Chauhan is launching a flagship store in New Delhi this month and is working to promote sustainable fashion with his new line, NBC Sustain.

Nitin Bal Chauhan is launching a flagship store in New Delhi this month - Nitin Bal Chauhan- Facebook

As part of the pret and couture line NBC Fusion, Chauhan has launched NBC Sustain, a sustainable handloom line. “The main idea behind NBC Sustain is to make handmade products relevant for today and tomorrow,” Chauhan told Verve.

“Our main objective is to improve the quality of raw materials, design and production and to market it well. I have worked closely with the handloom and handicraft sector of Himachal Pradesh in the past and also worked extensively with hand printing and dying techniques like shibori, tie-dye, batik from other states. I work with man-made natural fibres like modal, bamboo silk, pineapple fibres, and organic cotton,” explained Chauhan.

Along with working with sustainable weavers in Himachal Pradesh, Chauhan is working on creating marketing and design solutions for craft clusters in the region to promote sustainable textile production. “NBC Sustain is committed to reviving and creating marketing solutions for our indigenous crafts and tradition,” stated Chauhan, believing this can “change the landscape of fashion in India and abroad.”

Chauhan believes that it will take ten seasons to transform the fashion industry and make it much more sustainable than its current situation. However, in the near future, Chauhan is opening a flagship store in New Delhi. The store, according to Chauhan, is for “socially-conscious independent women from all walks of life” and will be situated in the city’s Mehrauli district at Ambawata One.

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