Newly launched Bespocut to show at Franchise India

​Bespocut, which recently launched in India as a textile business and brand building platform, announced that they will showcase their business solutions at the upcoming Franchise India trade fair.

Bespocut will be at Franchise India this November - Bespocut- Facebook

After recently launching, Bespocut will be promoting and rolling out new innovations at the Franchise India trade show, which will take place in New Delhi from November 7 to 8. This will be its first time at the trade fair, which will see over 500 brands exhibit from 18 countries across 30 industries including fashion.

Bespocut Bespoke Experience uses business to business (B2B) technology to provide business solutions to fashion brands using cloud based applications. The aim is to create a customised tailoring experience and to allow for companies to have the most streamlined and value for money production line possible. The brand’s website includes a “Virtual Studio Kit” and the idea is that companies can use this to show their designs online instead of having to take physical samples.

Along with selling textiles, using computer simulations and online storage solutions is a big part of Bespocut’s business. There is a growing trend in Indian retail towards using AR to elevate the customers experience and diversify the services companies can offer. Virtual designing software was also launched on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop three months ago and more and more brands are embracing technology as a way to evolve their business. 

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