New brand Pursu launches monsoon line

Pursu, a handbag brand that launched earlier in the year, has come out with a new product line designed for the monsoon.

Pursu has come out with a new product line designed for the monsoon - GoPursu- Facebook

“Monsoon Collection” by Pursu has just launched on the brand’s dedicated online store, GoPursu. The collection takes the brand’s signature aesthetic to create a line of six different bags in three different shapes: clutch, tote, and baguette. The bags are priced ranging from Rs 3,250 ($47) to Rs 6,650 and fabrics include printed leatherette and digitally printed Mulberry silk.

The brand said: “Whether it’s a fun date or a party, work or weekends, the ingenuity of the collection can transform your cloudy days to a fun experience. This range offers a variety of options from suave to vibrant, classy to elegant and comes with durability.”

The bags also include other product features such as detachable cross-body straps, detachable wristlets, and detachable chain straps. The bags are designed to be durable in the monsoon weather.

Pursu was founded by sisters Debsena Chakraborty and Sulagna Kapoor this year and advertises its products as “designed in Italy”. The brand ships across India through its e-commerce store.

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