Naturals boosts technology with CADD Centre strategic takeover

The Indian beauty and wellness salon and store chain Naturals is in the process of giving CADD Centre strategic control of its South Indian outlets.

Naturals is partnering with CADD Centre - Naturals- Facebook

Naturals is owned by Groom India Salon and Spa and currently has over 600 outlets country-wide. From October 1, a total of 270 stores in the Tamil Nadu and Kerala region were put under the control of CADD Centre and the rest of the brand’s South Indian outlets are currently being handed over. Despite this handover, Groom India is also in the process of expanding their presence to other states as it aims for a strong, pan-India presence.

The Managing Director and Co-Founder of Groom India Salon & Spa Pvt Ltd, C K Kumaravel, said about the development: “Until a certain number of outlets, we were comfortable doing everything on our own. But, when we are targeting a five-fold increase in outlets in less than three years, we felt the need to outsource the day-to-day operations to a strategic partner, while we focus on areas of expansion and new service offerings.” The business aims to strengthen its North Indian presence as that is where is has the least outlets.

CADD Centre is a business that runs a large network of computer-aided design (CAD) training centres and so has a background in technology. The firm is present in 24 countries and this partnership will allow Naturals to use technology to drive business in a new and innovative way. 

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