Mitchell USA rolls out India-exclusive cosmetics line

The American beauty brand Mitchell USA has created an India-specific line of skincare products that will retail in the country and target problems such as pollution.

Mitchell USA is launching an India specific beauty line - Mitchell USA

Made in the USA and retailing exclusively in India, Mitchell USA’s new beauty range has been designed to tackle skin and beauty problems specific to the country. One of the most prevalent skincare concerns is fighting the negative effects of pollution and this is what Mitchell USA’s line will focus on.

“These products can help your skin from pollution. It protects your skin from damage [and] it’s not just pollution, but also due to stress and lack of sleep,” said Dominique Tinkle, the Product Development and Education Director of Mitchell USA, who said she was shocked by levels of pollution after a visit to India.

The product line uses lotus seed extract as its primary ingredient.

The line is being launched in India by Sunita Ramthankar who previously launched Fem bleach in India.

Ramthankar said: “Sacred lotus has historically been seen as the magic potion of mystical beauties. Thousands of years ago, Egyptian pharaohs and queens knew the potent powers of the mystical sacred lotus. In India and China, Buddhist monks cherished the sacred lotus seed. And it is this magical regimen that I present to the beautiful Indian woman.”

Mitchell USA’s Indian line will be available through multi-brand beauty and wellness stores and e-commerce portals across the country. 

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