Metro Shoes runs Summer Sneaker Festival 2018

Metro Shoes is currently running a “Summer Sneaker Festival 2018” in collaboration with a number of artists across its main flagship stores.

Metro Shoes is currently running a “Summer Sneaker Festival 2018” - Metro Shoes- Facebook

As part of the festival, customers are given free “sneaker customisation kits” with the purchase of any shoes online or in store. This includes the brand’s women’s, men’s, and children’s collections. Customers can customise their shoes back at home or in store as part of numerous events.

The festival, which is currently running from April 14 to May 15, features in store customisation events with an array of doodle artists. Every Friday to Sunday from 12pm to 8pm, the artists are in store to help customers customise their shoes and to put their own artwork on shoes.

Stores that are participating in the festival and have resident artists include in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Benglauru. Customers are also encouraged to share their creations online to win a feature on the brand’s own social media pages.

Metro have produced a special shoe, the “white casual sneaker”, that is recommended for customising at the events. The shoe is priced at 1,690 rupees but customisation is available for any shoe style.

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