Max Fashion partners with Mcanvas for new ad format launch

The value fashion retailer Max Fashion has partnered with the advertising platform Mcanvas for the launch of its new advertising formats: Scroller, Sticker, Spotlight, and Streambox.

Max Fashion partnered with the advertising platform Mcanvas for the launch of its new advertising formats - Max Fashion- Facebook

On September 12, Mcanvas announced that it will start selling its four new advertising formats, Scroller, Sticker, Spotlight, and Streambox by programme. According to Mcanvas, the technology is the first of its kind in India and will allow advertisers to buy user-initiated custom-sized advertising units.

The business teamed up with Max Fashion and WebChutney for its launch. Max Fashion will run all four of its different advertising formats programmatically and each format was created by a “custom creative” that catered to the different needs of the brand. For example, the “expandable adverts” have users scratch the screen to reveal an offer and the “full screen non-expandable adverts” were designed to drive traffic to Max Fashion’s website. The “outstream advert” encouraged users to watch Max Fashion’s video advert as opposed to pre-roll adverts that play automatically and irritate some users.

“Max Fashion has moved most of its digital spends to programmatic., Max Fashion’s Vice President of Marketing, Jiten Mahendra, told ET Brand Equity. “Partnering with mCanvas and WebChutney has now enabled us to buy custom, high-impact and engaging ads programmatically putting us in the driver’s seat.”

Mcanvas uses DBM, AppNexus, and MediaMath technology to allow advertisers to buy its programmes. As smartphone use continues to rise in India, small-screen orientated advertising will become more and more important, especially to fashion retailers as fashion is the second largest e-commerce market segment after electronics.

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