Marks & Spencer partners with Tata group firm TCS to drive digital growth

British fashion retailer Marks & Spencer has partnered with India’s Tata Group firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to drive the digital growth of the company with the help of technology.
Photo: AFP

As part of the 5 year deal, TCS will be the principal technology partner for M&S helping the retailer become a digital first business by offering its digital services. It will also bring in innovative ideas to enhance the overall customer experience to boost its business.
TCS will also help the firm expand its customer base with the acquisition of new digital customers which is expected to create fast growth for Marks & Spencer.
Commenting on the partnership Steve Rowe, CEO, Marks and Spencer, in a statement said, “This new partnership will bring the best of TCS capabilities to Marks and Spencer. We will join our expertise to unlock the potential for technology to drive our digital-first transformation and accelerate growth of our business. Through our Technology Transformation Programme, our business will be faster, simpler and more focused on achieving a seamless customer experience.”
Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO and managing director, TCS, commented, “Our long standing partnership with Marks and Spencer has helped to build a strong contextual knowledge of their business. This is coupled with our deep domain expertise, positioning TCS to be the principal technology partner to Marks and Spencer. TCS will help the customer adopt a digital-first mind-set to win new customers and create growth at accelerated pace. We look forward to working even more closely with Marks and Spencer as they embark on this transformation of their business.”
Marks & Spencer is targeting annual efficiency savings of about Rs 258 crore (approx $40.5 million) in the area by 2021-22. The retailer had earlier said that the implementation of its new technology programme with TCS would incur a one-off cost to implement of Rs 219 crore (approx 25 million pounds).

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