Maria Cornejo brand ambassador of Première Vision New York

Première Vision and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) have announced Maria Cornejo as the brand ambassador of the Premiere Vision New York to be held in January 16-17, 2018. With the collaboration of Cornejo, a CFDA member, Première Vision will continue promoting local creation in countries where the brand is present with a show.

After representing the values of the show through advertising campaigns featuring fabric-passionate ambassadors Nellie Partow, Peter Trainor & AnneMarie Maniego from Max’N Chester and David Hart, Première Vision has taken a new step forward in its ambassador programme with the support of the CFDA. T

"I’m honoured to be the PV ambassador and, alongside the CFDA and Premiere Vision, push the future of responsible fashion forward. As part of our collective mission to draw attention to the areas of sustainability, innovation and local manufacturing in the industry, I look forward to showcasing our special capsule collection to demonstrate that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring, that it can be forward thinking and exciting for the consumer. And, as a designer that starts the process with textiles, PV is an incredible resource and inspiration for myself and my design team," Cornejo said.

Première Vision New York will host 277 exhibitors including trim producers, mills, design studios, and local and international fashion manufacturers.

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