Manish Arora creates textile art for St+Art India

The eclectic designer Manish Arora created a large textile installation for the St+Art India design exhibition on Mumbai’s Pedder Road.

Manish Arora has created a large textile installation for the St+Art India - St+Art- Facebook

The St+Art festival ran from December 2 to 3 across Mumbai but traces can still be found throughout the city. For the festival, Manish Arora took over the Jindal Mansion building on Pedder Road and covered it with a brightly coloured textile wall hanging installation.

The artwork, which is draped over an entire side of the Jindal Mansion building, features 2,400 pieces of fabric from Arora’s personal collection and it was assembled by a team of 35 artisans over a period of three months. The installation features circles of brightly coloured textiles hanging from strings to create the effect of a technicolour beaded curtain.

The installation is called “All We Need is Love” and Arora explained that he wanted people to feel “unadulterated love” when they looked at his artwork. “In today’s social environment, it’s so important to remember that it’s love that makes us human and connects us all,” said Arora about the idea behind his creation.

In other news, Manish Arora has mentioned that he aims to open a boutique in Shanghai, China.

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