Kendall Jenner stars in first short film for Longchamp

A few weeks after being named a Longchamp ambassador, the American model Kendall Jenner, stars in a first short film for the luxury leather goods brand. The film, titled "The Encounter," features the model alongside a majestic horse, Longchamp's signature animal.

The video was shot in the streets of Paris - Longchamp

Filmed in the streets of Paris at sunrise by John Christopher Pina, this short film -- nearly 60 seconds long --cuts between shots of Kendall Jenner and a horse as they both run through the city streets, past some of the French capital's most famous landmarks. The two stars finally encounter one another in the stunning scenery of Montmartre.

"When we were sitting in Montmartre, with the horses and the sunrise, I thought, ‘Is this really happening?' It was amazing!" Kendall Jenner said in a statement.

With this short film, in which Kendell Jenner wears Longchamp ready-to-wear and accessories, the brand celebrates seven decades of heritage while also looking to the future.

"It is very important for us to look forward," said Sophie Delafontaine, artistic director of Longchamp. "Our aim is to show that Longchamp is about dynamism, individuality, creativity, authenticity -- values we share with Kendall and the generation of millennials she connects with."

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