Kalyan Jewellers agrees to withdraw controversial ad, apologises to bankers

Kalyan Jewellers has decided to withdraw the controversial ad featuring their brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan along with his daughter Shweta Bachchan Nanda after widespread protests from bankers across India.
Kalyan Jewellers agrees to withdraw controversial ad, apologises to bankers - Kalyan Jewellers

The All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC) had earlier demanded an apology and immediate withdrawal of the new ad alleging that the new advertisement shows the entire banking community in bad light.
The bankers had threatened that they would take suitable organisational action, including dharnas and litigation if the advertisement was not withdrawn.
Bowing down to the pressure, Kalyan Jewellers has issued an apology and assured to withdraw the advertisement in order to put the controversy to rest.
 “We understand that the advertisement has hurt sentiments of some people including members of our esteemed banking community. Any such hurtful interpretation being drawn is unintended. We state that the creative advertisement was a work of fiction and not a reflection of banking employees at large,” said Kalyan Jewellers executive director, Ramesh Kalyanaraman, in a statement.
 “We sincerely regret the inadvertent hurt caused and withdraw the advertisement from all media with immediate effect. Along with crores of Indians, we acknowledge the valuable contribution of the banking community to our country,” he added.
The ad showed an old, honest man, accompanied by his daughter, visiting a bank where he is dismissed and pushed from one counter to another by rude bank officials.
AIBOC, general secretary, Soumya Datta had slammed Kalyan Jewellers after release of the ad stating, “The advertisement portrays banks in bad light, casting aspersion, hurting the sentiment of millions of personnel, stakeholders and is a direct attempt to ruin the trust and confidence of billions of citizenries in banks.”

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