Jeanologia creates 100 percent digitally developed "Made in India" collection

The Spanish garment technology business Jeanologia will present a 100 percent digitally designed collection at the upcoming Denimsandjeans conference event as it works to promote sustainable garment production in India.

Jeanologia will present a 100 percent digitally designed collection at Denimsandjeans - Jeanologia

Jeanologia will present its first “Made in India” collection at booth A31 of the Denimsandjeans conference from August 1 to 2 at the Lalit Ashok in Bengaluru. The collection was developed 100 percent digitally which means that production processes that the company describes as harmful to the environment, and dangerous for workers, are cut out and replaced with eco-efficient and safe processes.

The collection has been created with Jeanologia technologies which cut production time and have a higher added value. “The combination of our technologies, laser, ozone and eflow, combined with the correct selection of fabric using our Light Sensitive Fabric tool, allows for a saving of 80% in water and 50% in chemical usage, shortening production time by 30%,” explained the business’ Asia Area Manager, Manuj Kanchan, in a press release. Kanchan stated that the collection’s environmental impact has been analysed by Jeanologia’s Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) software and found to have a low environmental impact.

At the conference, Jeanologia’s Division Director Jordi Juani will participate in a panel entitled “The dawn of a new era in denim” along with other industry agents present in India. The panel will discuss how to reduce the amount of water needed for denim finishing and how to make the industry more sustainable.

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