India's KD Boutique and Nirraamyaa show at Heya Fashion Expo in Qatar

The twelfth Heya Fashion Expo kicked off in Qatar on November 3 and features runway shows and workshops by designers from 15 countries including KD Boutique and Nirraamyaa from India.

Nirraamyaa is showing at the Heya Fashion Expo in Qatar along with KD Boutique - Nirraamyaa- Facebook

The women-only modest and Abaya fashion event runs until November 7 in Qatar’s Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre and is both a business to business and business to customer event. The aim of the event is to showcase fashion from a variety of cultures that adheres to the Abaya definition of modesty. Some of the countries featured apart from Qatar itself include Italy, Morocco, Germany, Mexico, Lebanon, and Indonesia. Hong Kong designers are also involved for the first time this year. Two Indian brands are currently participating at the exhibition, namely KD Boutique and Nirraamyaa.

Both KD Boutique and Nirraamyaa are showcasing their Indian traditional wear at the event featuring salwar kameez, sarees, and gowns. India has been part of the Qatar fashion event since its inception and many Indian traditional wear brands experience popularity in the Middle East, especially as many carry modest fashion suitable clothing.

The Heya Fashion Expo is organised by Design Creationz who said about the event: “Heya has evolved over the years, as people not only visit to shop and complete their collections, but also to learn about culture and modest fashion trends. For this edition, we have enhanced the visitor experience so designers are at the core of Design Creationz’ vision. The show is a true representation of art, couture and luxury, and we are proud to provide a collaborative and commercial platform for Qatari, Arab and international fashion designers.”

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