Hindustan Unilever sees Q4 profit increase

The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brand Hindustan Unilever Limited announced a net profit rise of 14.2 percent for Q4.

Hindustan Unilever Limited announced it Q4 results on May 14 - Dove- Facebook

Unilever, the parent company behind many of India’s popular personal care and beauty brands such as Dove, has reported a net profit of 1,351 crore rupees (approximately 203 million US dollars) for the last quarter of the previous financial year (FY 2017/ 2018). This is up from the figure for the same time the year before (FY 2016/ 2017) of 1,330 crore rupees (approximately 199.9 million dollars) and marked a 14.2 percent year on year increase.

The business also reported that sales for the quarter also had risen year on year by 2.62 percent to 9,003 crore rupees (approximately 1.4 billion dollars) from 8,773 crore rupees (approximately 1.31 billion dollars).

Growth volume was reported at 11 percent for Q4. EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortisation) rose by 24 percent to 2,048 crore rupees (approximately 307.8 million dollars) year on year from 1,651 crore rupees (approximately 248 million dollars). The business reported its Q4 results in a filing on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Unilever’s Chairman, Harish Manwani, said about the results: "Despite a step up in competitive intensity, we have delivered another strong performance for the quarter and the year. Growth and improvement in profitability have been sustained through a combination of winning innovations and a relentless focus on operational efficiencies."

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