Fila collaborates with Indian designers for "The Culture Project"

To celebrate the launch on Fila’s new “Iconic Collection”, the brand has launched "The Culture Project" where it will collaborate with an array of Indian fashion designers to bring the brand to a younger audience.

Fila is collaborating with a host of Indian designers for its Iconic Collection - Fila- Facebook

Fila is rolling out more than one art-centred campaign as the brand is currently using the hashtag “ArtOfFila” to showcase Indian artists by inviting them to create a piece where the subjects are wearing Fila clothing. This was to accompany the Fila Iconic launch on October 7. Artists featured include Bad Bitch Illustrations and Graphic Designers SA as well as a host of fan art.

Fila has also collaborated with fashion designers for the launch including Nimish Shah, Sanchita Ajjampur, Arjun Saluja, Abhishek Paatni, Sanjay Garg, and Ruchika Sachdeva, and other collaborators have been chosen including photographers and musicians. The collaboration sees the ensemble collaborate under the direction of curator Kshitij Kankaria to create a wide array of art pieces, photoshoots, and fashion experiments that will be used to celebrate the brand across India.

The designer behind the Bodice label, Ruchika Sachdeva, said about the collaboration: “It was creatively liberating to merge sensibilities with such a paradoxical yet iconic brand. Such collaborations always make me grow as a designer.”

Sanjay Garg, a designer best known for his handwoven textiles, said: “I like to think that my garments are fundamental classics. Take my saris for instance, that I have tried to make more accessible and appealing to a larger audience. Given the pluralism of this generation, I love how a traditional handloom can be paired with a sporty logo tee and still work.”

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