Fashion label takes actor Shraddha Kapoor to court

The clothing manufacturer named as Ajtm (Aj Mistry and Thea Minhas) has taken both Bollywood actor Shraddha Kapoor and a producer of the upcoming film Haseena Parkar to court for allegedly breaching a promotion agreement.

The film Haseena Parkar will be out on September 22 but a fashion design company has taken its leading lady to court - Haseena Parkar- Facebook

The film Haseena Parkar, a biopic by Apoorval Lakhia about the life of the so called godmother of Nagpada, is set to release in cinemas on September 22 and is currently rolling out its promotional activities. However, M&M Designs, the firm that runs the label Aj Mistry and Thea Minhas (Ajtm), complained that Shraddha Kapoor has failed to promote them as previously agreed after they provided a selection of garments that were used in the film. Because of their claim, they have taken the actor to court along with one of the film’s producers, filing a private complaint.  

Rizwan Siddiquee, a company lawyer, commented: “M&M Designs firm which supplied dresses for the actor in the movie has filed a private complaint in the Mumbai court and the case will come up for hearing on October 26.” The company claims that a barter agreement was signed between themselves and the film’s production company, Swiss Entertainment.

Siddiquee said about the case: “The actor was supposed to do promotional activities of the brand and the store against the costumes which were supplied to the makers [producers] for the film… [the] Accused wilfully, miserably, intentionally… failed and neglected to comply with their roles, duties and obligations under the said agreement... My clients had worked very hard for the project under their brand name Ajtm, as it was their golden entry into Bollywood. After their personal meeting with Ms Shraddha Kapoor, they put their heart and soul into this project titled Haseena Parkar.” Kapoor herself has not yet given a statement on the case and the film’s promotional activities continue.

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