Fashion Design Council of India president pleased with Goa film festival redesign

The International Film Festival of India (IFFI) saw Sunil Sethi, President of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), bring his fashion credentials to the film industry for the festival's 48th edition, which was celebrated in Goa from November 20 - 28. Reflecting on the festival's reinvention after its conclusion, the design chief explained the design process.

Sunil Sethi, partnered with the IFFI which was recently held in Goa - FDCI- Facebook

Sethi, who was personally appointed as the Chief Design Advisor by the Indian Government’s Textiles Minister, Smriti Irani, aimed to give the festival venue a clean and ergonomic redesign for his first foray into an international design domain. 

"While planning, we paid attention to every minute aspect of the decor at the venue," Sethi told the Times of India. "Film festivals are chaotic with people running here and there for sessions, so we ensured that the festival's venues were designed in such a manner that the sitting areas were peaceful for both guests and movie buffs.

Photo: Iffi/ Instagram

"This year, the festival's logo, the peacock, was the main focus of the decor. From lobbies to auditoriums, we used the peacock's colour scheme everywhere in vibrant and soft shades in soothing contrasts. Besides, the colour scheme for the interiors, furnishing and even chandeliers was selected with the peacock theme in mind. There were seven different kinds of peacock installations.” Sethi also designed a peacock with feathers that rotated in the breeze and a large installation outside the Kala Academy.


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