Dove wants consumers to make peace with dry skin this year

Dove is encouraging people to make peace with their skin conditions this month, with the launch of a new skincare line and campaign.

The new Dove DermaSeries caters to consumers with dry skin - Dove

The beauty giant has launched the "Dove DermaSeries," a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free range of products formulated with the driest skin in mind. Focusing on extra mild cleansers, the replenishment of skin-natural lipids and luxurious textures the collection aims to help the skin seal in moisture, as well as activate PPAR proteins to replenish lipids and improve the quality of its outer layer.

To mark the launch, Dove is celebrating women with all kinds of skin conditions, as part of its "Make peace with dry skin" campaign. The inclusive approach sees the campaign stars discuss how they achieved skin confidence, with "Dove DermaSeries Real Woman", Mercedes Matz saying: "You see perfect skin all over social media. But not everyone has perfect skin -- whether it's eczema, psoriasis, acne, or whatever, the more we show it, the more people will accept it."

This is not the first time Dove has adopted such an accessible and inclusive approach to skincare -- the brand is known for engaging with ordinary women everywhere, with previous efforts including its 'Campaign for Real Beauty' and 'Real Beauty Sketches,' featuring non-professional models in its marketing material.

Anybody can participate in the social campaign, via the dedicated Instagram community @inourownskin, which will act as a place of inspiration and support for those living with skin conditions.

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