Designer Anavila launches new line of sustainable toys

Anavila Misra is launching a line of sustainably produced children’s toys alongside her ready to wear line as she aims to educate children about sustainable textiles.

Anavila Misra is launching a line of sustainably produced children’s toys - Anavila- Facebook

Known for her use of handloom textiles and earthy fusion wear, Anavila Misra has decided to branch out into the realm of children’s toys.

“As parents, we want to teach children about sustainability, about our culture, about our folktales,” Misra told Vogue.

“There is no material representation of it to explain it to them. You will find toys that are to do with technology, mass made and plastic, and I wanted to add a little more to that offering.”

The collection features textiles also found in Misra’s clothing designs and some of the dolls wear sarees modelled on Anavila designs. The collection, inspired by Misra’s niece, aims to encourage young girls to wear sarees as well as enjoy sustainably made products.

Named 'Busa and friends', the collection features Busa ('little sister' in Sanskrit) dolls and an array of animals including monkeys, rabbits, and dogs. Each toy is hand sewn and hand embroidered with organic fabrics. Prices start at 1,200 rupees and the collection is exclusively available at the brand’s flagship store for the time being.

“Even if ten mothers in the country have the same thought as me and are looking for these toys, I consider this a success,” said Misra.

Anavila will launch its latest collection for spring/ summer 2018 entitled 'In Between' on March 8. The collection will launch at the brand’s flagship store in Dhairya Apartments in Mumbai’s Khar West district.

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