Delhi Fashion Club chairman Harshit Dhingaun wins award, collaborates with IOD

The chairman of the Delhi Fashion Club, Harshit Dhingaun, has been named "Best Youngest Fashion Director" by the Institute of Design (IOD), Chennai, marking the beginning of a collaboration between the two entities.

Harshit Dhingaun has been awarded as "Best Youngest Fashion Director" by IOD for his work with the Delhi Fashion Club - Courtesy

Dhingaun was awarded the title by the IOD for his efforts towards connecting youth through fashion and creating a fashion network for collaborations in the industry.

The Delhi Fashion Club is an organisation of fashion designers, makeup artists, brands and models and has the motto, “Connecting youth, building brands” which the IOD felt shared its own values.

The IOD and Delhi Fashion Club will now collaborate for the promotion of textiles, talented professionals, and handlooms from the Northeast region through a number of upcoming events. Fashion consultancy and guidance will also be offered as part of this.

The Delhi Fashion Club has previously worked on Northeast fashion promotion through collaborations with the Delhi Eastern Nagaland student union, Anal Student union, and other similar associations.

The IOD’s endorsement will extend to all upcoming Delhi Fashion Club modelling workshops, fashion styling events, and northeast promotional and educational activities.

The aim is to help students from the northeastern region, as well as the rest of the country, to improve their skills and experience in the fashion industry. Some of the northeastern members of the organisation include Thanrei Raising from Manipur and Daniel Syeim from Shillong.

The Delhi Fashion Club has previously consulted on fashion weeks including India Fashion Week, as well as events in London, Dubai, China, and Russia. The organisation has an international network and has been recognised by the Government of India.

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