Damodar Group to expand linen production

Due to the growing demand for linen in India, Damodar Group has announced the expansion of their fancy linen production and predicts 250 crore rupees yearly sales from their new plant.

Shri Damodar Group is expanding its linen production to meet domestic demand

The business has a textile manufacturing plant at Amravati in Maharashtra and it is in this unit that Damodar Group will expand its linen yarn production. Anju Biyani, Chairman of the Shri Damodar Group stated, “Last year, we started our linen spinning unit at Amravati with a total investment of Rs. 90 crores [around 14 million dollars] and now we are planning for expansion in the same product category in the coming year.”

In the financial report for the last fiscal year (2016- 2017), Damodar Industries Ltd., the parent company of Shri Damodar Group, reported that an automated fancy yarn spinning unit has been set up at the factory in Amravati and the cost, when expansion plans’ funds were added, reached 140 crore rupees (around 21 million dollars). The new unit will start production properly next year and Biyani has estimated that it will bring in an extra 250 crore rupees (around 38 million dollars) of sales to the business.

Linen production in India is currently insufficient to meet the garment industry’s growing demand for the weave. Currently, much of the linen used in the apparel market is imported from China. However, as part of the government’s “Make in India” campaign, factories are encouraged to try to meet the domestic demand themselves.

Shri Damodar Group is a Mumbai based textile manufacturer and its parent company, Damodar Industries, also oversees Shri Damodar Yarn Manufacturing, Monopoly Yarns, and Golden Fibres. 

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