Creyate rolls out 3D customisation for men's apparel

Creyate by Arvind is pioneering the accessibility of 3D virtual garment fitting for its range of suits and casualwear.

Creyate has rolled out 3D personal garment fitting technology - Creyate- Facebook

Creyate recently put on an installation at the GQ Best Dressed India Awards where celebrities attending the show were able to make 3D garment designs that were projected onto screens using the brand’s new 3D customisation technology. This technology, recently rolled out by the clothing brand, aims to create garments that fit completely to a customer's measurements instead of following traditional sizing methods.

The brand, which has stores in metro cities including Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Cochin, Hyderabad, and Chennai, also has the option of booking a home visit. Instead of the regular measurements taken for tailoring, Creyate now takes 25 individual measurements and goes on to create a 3D model of the garment prior to its construction.

Creyate has stores in Japan, as well as in India, and this is where the new 3D technology comes from. The brand also has an e-commerce store where designs can be chosen online and then, after measurements are input, the 3D design model can be made.

The brand’s focus on tailoring for the individual and using 3D design technology is part of a growing trend in India where fashion companies are stepping into AI. Another recent example is Pernia’s pop-up shop, which also launched a feature that allows the customer to design every detail of their outfit and input sizing to create a virtual model. 

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