Cover Story to expand into work wear

Future Retail’s fast fashion brand Cover Story is expanding into workwear as it continues to expand its omni-channel retail strategy.

Future Retail’s fast fashion brand Cover Story is expanding into workwear - Cover Story- Facebook

The brand will be taking inspiration from work wear for its collection. Social media teasers revealed smart outfits with slogans such as “act like a lady, think like a boss” and “work hard, play it cool”.

Manjula Tiwari, the CEO of Future Style Lab, the design house behind Cover Story, recently told Images Retail bureau in an interview: “As we move towards opening larger format stores, we will be expanding the categories we feature, including work wear amongst others. The vision is to become a whole wardrobe solution for the Indian woman in the western category.” The brand’s USP is that, while it interprets runway looks for the masses like all fast fashion brands, it also adapts these trends for Indian tastes and body types and this will also be the case with the upcoming workwear line.

Cover Story will also continue to pursue its omni-channel retail strategy. The brand has partnered with Central of the Central Malls chain and, through this partnership, aims to have a strong presence in all major Indian cities.

Launched in April 2016, Kishore Biyani of Future Retail’s parent company, Future Group, set up Cover Story as an Indian fast fashion brand to compete with foreign imports such as Zara and H&M. The brand’s design house, called Future Style Lab, is based in London and updates ten percent of its collection each week.

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