Brand Trust Report India names Patanjali as most trusted FMCG brand

The Brand Trust Report India’s 2017 Study ranked the ayurvedic personal care, beauty, and wellness brand Patanjali as India’s most trusted fast moving consumer goods brand.

The Brand Trust Report India’s 2017 Study ranked Patanjali as most trusted FMCG brand. Photo: Patanjali- Facebook

The Brand Trust Report India’s 2017 Study assessed 11000 brands across 16 cities to ascertain which brand in the FMCG sector was “most trusted” by consumers. Patanjali was announced as the winner and SK Tijarawala, the Spokesperson for HH Swami Ramdev announced this result on Twitter. The brand has had a successful year with new product lines, a MoU with the government, and increased publicity. Ayurveda has been a buzzword in the Indian beauty industry this year and, luckily for Patanjali, they have been long established in this field and are positioned in the affordable section of the market.

In October, Patanjali climbed from 45th place in 2016 to 19th place this year in the Forbes Magazine's Annual India Rich List 2017. This is a big leap and signifies the speed at which the brand is growing. This year saw Patanjali’s “Daat Kanti” natural toothpaste threaten to push Colgate out of the market as well as a huge product diversification. With Swadeshi clothing, denim, and even a security firm, Patanjali have been benefiting from the nationalist sentiment of both their own products and the government’s “Make in India” campaign.

Along with expanding their beauty and wellness lines, Patanjali has also greatly expanded its food range. Last month, the brand signed a MoU with the government at World Food India 2017. Words such as “natural”, “eco-friendly”, and “ayurvedic” continue to gain traction in the beauty industry, the future looks bright for Patanjali. 

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