Biba plans massive retail expansion

Biba has announced it plans to open between 150 and 200 new brick and mortar stores across India in the next two to three years along with expanding its second brand, Rangriti.

Biba and its second brand Rangriti have announced massive retail expansions planned for the coming years - Biba- Facebook

Biba is well known for its ethnic wear and ethnic-western mix and the brand is currently available in 230 physical stores across 105 Indian cities. The label has been growing at a CAGR of more than 30 percent for the last five years and has also partnered with major retail chains such as Lifestyle and Central. Building on this retail presence, Biba recently announced that it plans to add between 150 and 200 stores to its roster in the next two to three years, a large expansion for the brand.

Siddharth Bindra, the Managing Director of Biba, stated that, “The fashion landscape is changing fast and following the trend. Innovations will continue to happen within brand. We will keep adding new product categories within the brand.”

Therefore, along with an expansion in the fashion market, Biba is also looking to diversify its product base, a current trend in Indian retail.

Moreover, Biba has a second brand, Rangriti, which is currently available in 22 stores across the country. One hundred more physical stores are planned for the Rangriti brand by the end of this fiscal year.

Biba was first launched by Meena Bindra in 1988 with a small boutique in Mumbai. The ethnic wear brand has since expanded throughout the country as well as into other south Asian countries such as Nepal. The brand has recently introduced a children’s wear range and also sells textiles. 

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