Beauty brand Flormar to enter India with Reliance Retail

The international cosmetics brand Flormar has tied up with Reliance Retail’s subsidiary, Reliance Trends, to enter the Indian beauty market for the first time.

Flormar has tied up with Reliance Retail’s subsidiary, Reliance Trends - Flormar- Facebook

Flormar, which is headquartered in Turkey, will import 300 of its total 700 stock keeping units (SKUs) to India to retail across Reliance Trends stores nationwide. "We are launching Flormar in select 30-40 Reliance Trends stores to understand the customer preference with respect to shades and product choices,” the Chief Executive of Reliance Trends, Akhilesh Prasad, told the Economic Times. “We are doing this to get the right product range for the Indian market. Later, we will launch the brand across all our stores," Prasad elaborated.

No exact dates have been given for when the brand will launch in each Reliance Trends store but the roll out will begin in the coming months. Prasad also mentioned that, although the eventual plan is to sell Flormar beauty products online in India, the company is “taking one step at a time” and has yet to decide whether online sales will be through a flagship s-commerce site or via third party retailers.

Flormar was launched in 1970 and now has a presence in over 100 countries across the world. The brand has stated that it did not enter India earlier because it did not find an adequate partner. Now Flormar has tied up with Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail, its India journey will truly begin.

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