Baro and Wolf Jaipur collaborate for fashion event in Mumbai

“Every Day, Play a Little” is a fashion and lifestyle event currently running in Mumbai from October 1 to 11 that brings Jaipur textiles and homeware to the city for the festive season.

Every Day, Play a Little is currently bringing Jaipur fashion and design to Mumbai - Wolf Jaipur- Facebook

The festive season has brought a wave of fashion events and pop up shops to Mumbai but what makes “Every Day, Play a Little” different is that, along with displaying items from a wide range of designers and makers from Jaipur which are not usually available in the city, the venue itself is an art statement. The event is a collaboration between Srila Chatterjee and Siddharth Sirohi’s design studio Baro and the arts and entertainment company Wolf Jaipur. Set in the Sun Mill Compound in Lower Parel, Mumbai, the event’s venue has been transformed into a Jaipur style lounge and features a doll house installation inside which shoppers can find items from the featured designers along with a photo exhibition.

Srila Chatterjee, one of Baro’s Co- Founders, said about her inspiration for the event: “Ever since we launched Baro, we have been committed to making a statement about our headspace, which is a mix of great design and originality. We are interested in an equity in society, and in showcasing talent from different places that is not ‘trending’ or commonplace.”

The space has a mix of homeware designers such as O’d’ Gulabee Jaipur and jewellery such as from Umrao Jewels whose designs mix Jaipur traditions with Art Deco elements. Textiles are available from Brigitte Singh who is also hosting a tea party at the event. All in all, “Every Day, Play a Little” is a fashion and lifestyle exhibition to showcase Jaipur’s design talent but also an event thought out to create an atmosphere that goes beyond the products themselves. 

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