Banaras fashion show held at India Expo Centre's Hospitality Fair

A two part Banaras fashion show by Tanira Sethi, Palak Shah, and Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) President Sunil Sethi took place at the India International Hospitality Expo 2018 at the India Expo Centre.

A two part Banaras fashion show promoted the sustainable textile in the hospitality industry with the FDCI - India Hospitality Expo- Facebook

The fashion show by Sethi and Shah was divided into two parts, the first showcased traditional forms of Banaras weaves and the second showed ways in which the traditional textile has been modernised to fit in with current fashion trends.
“Some hotel chains are already getting saris from Banaras as uniform for their female staff,” explained Sunil Sethi, the President of the FDCI, at the event.

“Through this show we presented variety that is available in Banarasi. This show was to encourage big-wigs from the hospitality industry to use Banarasi fabric in the making of uniforms for their female staff.”

Sethi also acts as the Chairman of the steering committee of the India International Hospitality Expo 2018 that organised the show. The fashion show also featured a Banaras themed menu for guests which Sethi collaborated with the chef Manjit Gill.
Handloom textiles have been promoted as part of the Union government’s ongoing “Make in India” campaign and are increasingly being used for uniforms in sectors such as the railways and post office.

The fashion show at the India International Hospitality Expo was an attempt to do the same with the hospitality sector.

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