Assam’s HRDC plans to register traditional designs

The Handloom Research and Designing Centre (HRDC) in Guwahati as submitted a proposal to Assam state’s Handloom Directorate to register traditional textile designs with India’s Design Registry to provide them protection from plagiarists. The Assam Science Technology and Environment Council’s Patent Information Centre has assured HRDC of support.


Of the thousands of designs for handloom fabrics developed by HRDC since 1960, over 1,000 have been embroidered into woven cloths by state weavers in the past 50 years. However, records of the old designs are not available with HRDC, according to a report in an English-language daily from the state.

The traditional designs of the State reflect the rich cultural and aesthetic heritage of its indigenous people and experts feel preservation of these designs are of immense significance for the ethno-cultural history of the people of the region.

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