Anita Dongre collaborates with Vidya Vox

The Youtube celebrity Vidya Vox has collaborated with Anita Dongre’s Global Desi label to kick-start the brand’s new campaign, “Voice Your Style” with an exclusive song and video.

Vidya Vox has collaborated with Anita Dongre’s Global Desi label for an exclusive song and video - Vidya Vox- Facebook

The singer Vidya Vox, who has over four million Youtube subscribers, is known for mixing her Indian heritage with her American upbringing which is why the Indian designer Anita Dongre chose her as the first artist for her new campaign. The campaign for Global Desi, one of Dongre’s fashion brands, is called “Voice Your Style” and will be a collaboration with Indian artists based all over the globe.

The song that Vox created for Global Desi is called “Minnale”, which means “lighting” in Tamil. The song and video were created with Shankar Tucker and the video was filmed on the rooftops of Los Angeles.

Vox wears clothing by Global Desi in the video, styled in her own way. The clothing’s bright hues are reflected in the neon lighting of the video and Vox pairs Dongre’s fusion wear with denim and streetwear inspired items.

“I first discovered Global Desi when I was living in Mumbai, and I’ve been wearing their pieces for a few years now,” Vox told Vogue India. “The label was also a partner for a couple of my live shows in Mauritius. We’ve been fans of each other, so the collaboration felt only natural.”

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