Anavila Misra promotes sustainable fashion

The designer Anavila Misra of the brand Anavila has voiced her support for sustainable fashion as she fosters “sustainable employment” in her brand’s supply chain.

Anavila’s spring/ summer 2018 collection, “White Summer” - Anavila- Facebook

Defining sustainable fashion for herself, Misra told the Times of India: “It is a holistic approach towards fashion– from using the right textile, the right processes and having happy workers who create conscious clothing. I think it's simple as creating and sharing values at every level of the process from the loom to the runway.”

Many Indian fashion brands are deciding to opt for sustainable textiles in their designs, spurred on by the Union Government’s promotion of weaves like Khadi, but Misra is also working to create what she calls “sustainable employment”. Speaking about her supply chain, Misra said: “We have been working with 12 families over 8 years. They work for us throughout the year and not just a few projects… And in the last 7 years, we have also created sustainable employment for weavers in West Bengal. Initially, we started with one weaver and currently, we are working with over 100 of them.”

The brand is continuously working to put out new sustainable products and recently launched a line of children’s toys made from the trademark sustainable linen. Anavila’s spring/ summer 2018 collection, “White Summer”, also consists mainly of pale hued handwoven linen separates and sarees and the latest campaign features six different women all styling the collection in their own way.

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