Ambara hosts Pure Ghee and Indigene for sustainable collections

The Bengaluru fashion and lifestyle store, Ambara, is currently presenting the latest collections by Pure Ghee and Indigene from January 10 to 13.

Ambara is currently presenting collections by Pure Ghee and Indigene from January 10 to 13 - Ambara Facebook

Indigene’s autumn/ winter collection, “Something old, something new”, features a mix of Khadi, silk, and patchwork textiles.

“It is called ‘something old, something new’ because we have done some pieces in patchwork to recycle our fabric waste,” said Ruchi Tripathi. “We also have garments in fresh fabrics. Our look, as always, is casual and easy-to-wear. We like to do etching and texturing." The brand, which has a strong focus on sustainability, uses only hand-spun and handwoven textiles and natural dyes.

Pure Ghee, which was founded by Aditi Prakash in 2010, will show a collection of textile bags that feature a mix of weaves inspired by the colours and textures of India.

“This collection features a mix of weaves,” said Prakash. “People generally have this impression that textile bags are decorative. Our focus is to make bags which provide the same strength as a leather bag but are light."

Both brands are currently presenting their collections at the multi-brand boutique Ambara which is situated by Ulsoor Lake in Bengaluru. The boutique, which was first opened in June 2000, aims to showcase India’s textile heritage and so has a strong handloom focus. The boutique is shining the spotlight on sustainable fashion with this double brand showcase and other such events are also planned for the future. 

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