Amazon's Indian sellers can now sell in Australia

Indian sellers using Amazon will now be able to sell their products in Australia which could allow sales to rapidly increase, according to the business’ Vice President, Eric L Broussard.

All Indian sellers using Amazon will now be able to sell their products in Australia - Amazon India- Facebook

As around 32,000 Indian merchants are selling on the platform, the opening up of the Australian market to them will open up an array of business and trade opportunities. This has pushed the total of international markets that Indian sellers can participate in to 11, a total which also includes Canada, Europe, and the US.

Eric L Broussard, who is the Head of International Seller Services along with his role as Vice President, recently said that cross-border sales by small-and medium-sized businesses on Amazon grew by more than 50 percent last year. Broussard also reported that Indian sellers have experienced 200 percent growth in sales.

“There is a strong demand for Indian products worldwide,” said Broussard, indicating that opening up the platform’s Australian customer base to Indian sellers will greatly increase their business. Indian Amazon sellers that retail clothing and accessories will be able to shop their products to Australia which will be the first time many brands that use Amazon will be able to do so.

A small percentage of Indian Amazon sellers, around 60 merchants, previously had access to the Australian market through the Amazon Business wholesale business which the company launched last year abroad and recently in India. The business to business (B2B) selling programme allowed Indian exporters to sell in Australia among other countries but now business to customer (B2C) selling will be permitted for Indian sellers.

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