Amazon increases delivery capability by 40 percent for the holiday season

Amazon is increasing the reach of its delivery network ahead of the holiday season to give greater coverage to East and North East India as well as Leh- Ladakh and Lakshadweep.

Amazon is expanding its delivery network to include more address in East and North East India - Amazon- Facebook

Following its latest delivery network expansion, Amazon will now be able to deliver to 320 cities where it has 350 service partner nodes. This is a 40 percent increase when compared to their delivery capacity last Diwali when the brand had 250 service partner nodes. Due to the high sales of last holiday season, Amazon is hoping to further increase their holiday profit by including more towns and cities in its delivery sphere.

This delivery network expansion will allow Amazon to reach more Tier 3 and 4 locations with their own delivery service. Brand consciousness and the desire to shop online has been steadily growing across rural India and so, as the demand is there, e-commerce sites need to figure out the logistics of delivering to more remote areas. Amazon’s Vice President for India Customer Fulfilment, Akhil Saxena, echoed this and said: “We have seen significant new customer acquisition from tier 2/3/4 cities including prime memberships.”

Along with expanding the delivery network, Amazon is also increasing its number of Fulfilment Centres. The centres will now be present in 13 states across India and the total number of centres will be increased to 41. 

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