Amanda Murphy cuts a mysterious figure in Prada's 'Neon Dream' campaign

The Italian fashion house, Prada, took to social media to reveal the first images from its fall/winter 2018-2019 campaign, featuring American model Amanda Murphy. A short film showcases the new Prada collection against the illuminated backdrop of the Las Vegas night.

With its bold and vibrant colors, prints galore and retro yet futuristic styles, the Prada fall/winter 2018-2019 collection is showcased in a mysterious short film shot in Las Vegas by the renowned photographer, Willy Vanderperre.

Titled "Neon Dream," the video stars the American model, Amanda Murphy, who has fronted ads and walked the runway for the Italian fashion house on several occasions. The charismatic brunette is seen slipping into role as a woman who is strong, solo and in control, brimming with life and curiosity for the world that surrounds her.

In a mysterious atmosphere where dream meets reality, the campaign takes viewers to different Las Vegas landscapes at night, from the desert to a cabaret to the bright lights of downtown Sin City, where neon signs nod to the collection's neon hues.

The brand's special guest star, American actress Sarah Paulson, makes several noteworthy appearances in the campaign film, shared on the Prada website. The "American Horror Story" star plays various characters, including a hotel employee.


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